Ordering Pizza Delivery For A Crowd? Follow These Tips

Posted on: 8 May 2015

Ordering delivery pizza for a large group of people is a bit more of a challenge than ordering a small pizza for yourself. First of all, it's hard to find toppings that everyone agrees on, and second of all, there are some intricacies that can arise when paying for such a large quantity of pizza. If you're planning on ordering a lot of pizza for a big group, follow these tips for success:

Just pick a few toppings and order some cheese pizza instead of surveying the crowd.

Start asking guests what toppings they like, and you'll get so many different answers your head will spin. You won't be able to satisfy everyone, and it's really not fair to take some guests' requests and not others. A fairer and easier way to order the pizza is to simply choose a few generic toppings that everyone likes (sausage, pepperoni, onions, or bacon for example) and then also order a cheese pizza so anyone who doesn't like any of your topping choices has something to eat too. After cheese pizza, BusinessInsider.com reports that pepperoni pizza is the most popular choice in every state of the U.S. 

Ask to have the pizza cut into smaller slices.

Your pizza will go further this way because guests who want just a little more to eat will have one extra small slice, instead of one extra large one. 

See whether the pizza place will put the order on your credit card over the phone.

Pizza delivery guys and girls don't like driving around with hundreds of dollars in cash any more than you like hoping nobody's going to pilfer your money before it makes it out the door to the pizza guy. Make things easier on everyone by requesting to pay over the phone by credit card rather than in cash at the door. Most pizza places will now take credit cards over the phone. If yours does not, another option may be driving to a local place, like Greg's Pizza, before the party to pre-pay.

If you're asking guests to chip in for the pizza, do so before the food arrives.

It will be harder to weasel that $5 or $10 out of everyone after they have already eaten the pizza. Your guests don't have to know you're putting the pizza on the credit card. If you're going to ask them to contribute, do so before the pizza arrives. They'll assume you need the money to pay and will be less likely to try and stiff you. According to the Star Tribune, only 1 in 5 Americans carries cash with them. Since many people aren't carrying cash these days, be sure to remind your guests  to stop by an ATM a day or two before your party.

With the tips above, your pizza party is sure to be less of a hassle and more of a blast! When the pizza arrives, relax and enjoy a slice.