4 Popular Italian Wines You Have To Try

Posted on: 14 May 2015

Going out for dinner or for a drink can be a treat, especially if you love good wine. When you want to taste some of the best wine that the market has to offer, there are plenty of exquisite Italian wines to choose from. Italy has some of the best wine in the world, which is why you should consider what glass or bottle you want to grab the next time you go out to eat. Read this guide to great Italian wine choices before going on such an outing, so that you have a little bit of background information on these wines and understand what you are ordering.

#1: Chianti

When it comes to Italian wine, you can't go wrong with Chianti wine. This type of wine is incredibly dry and allows you to taste a full plethora of flavors. This wine is bitter and contains hints of cherry that you will be able to enjoy. People enjoy this wine in large numbers, because it comes from the historic Tuscany region of the country, and because it is produced by a number of different wine manufacturers. 

#2: Pinot Grigio

In terms of lighter wine options, many people enjoy Pinot Grigio. Though lightly flavored, this wine delivers in terms of fullness and crispness. Pinot grigio is among the most popular types of wine that you'll be able to enjoy and can be enjoyed with a number of different seafood and pasta options. 

#3: Sangiovese 

This type of wine comes from areas of central Italy, such as Umbria. Many people have come to appreciate and take a liking to Sangiovese, since it is one of the most popular wines from this area of Italy. You'll be able to enjoy a number of variations of this wine as well, because it is often blended into popular choices such as merlot. This wine has an herbal, fruity taste, and features high acid content. 

#4: Montepulciano 

A bottle of Montepulciano is best enjoyed after it has been preserved for 4 to 7 years. Once it reaches this point, you can truly appreciate its flavor and character. This wine has a bold flavor and is native to the Central Italy area. A number of wine manufacturers have their own variations of this favorite. 

Keep this information in mind as you set out to enjoy a nice outing at your favorite restaurant or bar and grill, such as Buzzard Billy's