Four Ways To Keep Kids Entertained While They Are In Your Restaurant

Posted on: 15 May 2015

When you own a business, you need to do whatever you can to bring in as many customers as possible. Dining out when someone has children can often be quite difficult because the children get restless and bored while they are waiting for their food. If you want to increase the amount of business your restaurant gets, you need to make it a fun place for kids, as well as adults. The following guide walks you through a few things you can do to make your business more appealing to kids.

1. Electronics

There are now tablets that are made for use by kids. They are practically indestructible because of the cases that you can place on them to protect them from drops, liquids, and food. Download games onto the tablets that are appropriate for children of any age and make sure that you have enough of them on hand to keep multiple children entertained at one time.

2. Events

Have a kid's night once a week to drum up business. On that night, cater to children. Have a clown come in to make balloon animals for the kids. Hire a magician to do magic tricks. You could also hire someone to do face painting for the kids or set up a craft table for the children to be able to make a craft to take home with them. It will be worth the investment to hire the entertainers, if it causes your business to boom on what would otherwise be a slow night.

3. Games

There are miniature games that you can have available for children to play while they are sitting at their table waiting for dinner. Be sure that you have games available for different age ranges to ensure that there is something for both younger and older children to play while they wait.

4. Coloring Pages

Providing children with coloring pages is always a good idea. You can use the pages to advertise some of the specials that you have available that week or promote your deserts. Place images on the pages that have something to do with the restaurant or the food that you serve. Include layouts for games such as tic-tac-toe, the box game, and hangman on the pages so children can play games with each other with the pages too.

Entertaining children doesn't have to be overly difficult, if you plan ahead. Parents that know that they can get a moment of peace when they take their children to a specific restaurants in their neighborhood will be more likely to frequent those restaurants often.