Reasons To Have Your Family Reunion At A Pizza Restaurant

Posted on: 21 May 2015

Are you planning a family reunion? Are you trying to decide on a location for your big meals? Here are some reasons that a pizza restaurant is a good choice for you and your relatives:

1. Caters to a variety of tastes

 If Uncle Jeff is a vegetarian, he can enjoy a veggie pizza topped with tomatoes, mushrooms, and olives. If cousin Sierra is lactose intolerant, she can order a sausage and pepperoni pizza without cheese. If Aunt Lisa loves spicy foods, she can have a chicken pizza topped with chopped bell pepper, diced onion, and jalapeno slices. A pizza restaurant allows everyone the chance to choose what they want without having to compromise their preferences. Everyone can enjoy their favorites because a pizza restaurant offers a wider variety than other restaurants with more limited menu choices.

2. Offers a relaxed atmosphere

Because pizza is a finger food, it adds a casual, friendly ambience to your gathering. Your relatives won't be worrying about accidentally using the dessert fork to eat their salad, and kids will be welcome at any time of the day. Instead of being distracted by formal dining rules, they'll be able to dive in with their hands and enjoy the meal. Everyone will be less stressed out because they'll be focused on enjoying the get-together instead of worrying about committing an etiquette blunder.

3. Creates a beginning point for reminiscing

Even if you love your relatives dearly, there can sometimes be awkward pauses in the conversation as people struggle to think of a topic. However, the setting of a pizza restaurant will allow you to start a number of conversations. You could ask everyone to describe the first date they ever had at a pizza restaurant. You can go around the table and ask each person, one by one to say what they would sell if they had their own pizza restaurant. Each person could also talk about pizza restaurants they visited as a child and how they've changed since then. Write out a list of pizza restaurant related topics, and keep it handy, so you can keep the conversation going.

4. Leftovers to offer overnight guests

If some of your relatives are staying at your home for the reunion, cold pizza can make a great midnight snack after your visit to the pizza restaurant. Or you could also buy some bags of prepared salad and offer it with the pizza for lunch the next day. Having leftover pizza on hand means that it's one less meal you have to prepare, so consider ordering extra as you're leaving the pizza restaurant.

For more information on how pizza can be a great solution for any event, contact a restaurant like Tony & Joe's Pizzeria.