How To Reduce Your Business Event Planning Stress

Posted on: 28 May 2015

Stress can be high when planning a large company event or fundraiser.  Details to consider include food, seating, presentation arrangements, and many more.  Couple this with the importance of getting everything just right for your company, and you could be easily overwhelmed.  Consider the following pointers to help delegate responsibilities while still getting the details just right.

Find the Right Venue

For large company meetings or events, a banquet hall or event center is an ideal way to go.  The best places will not only include professional staff you can employ in running your event, but will also help you pull together the details of the event long before it begins.

To find the right venue, consider what needs you will have for your event.  How long will your event run?  How large an area will you need, and how much staff?  Do you require setup and clean up?  What kind of meal services do you require?  Will you need audio visual equipment, and if so, what kind? 

Be sure to visit the location personally, and ask lots of questions before scheduling your event.  Any special considerations for a specific venue should be evaluated as well, such as noise ordinances, the center's location and parking situation, and accessibility for disabled patrons.

Provide Pertinent Information Early On

Once you have booked your event, the key to reducing your stress is communication.  Get a guest list to your banquet hall as soon as possible, or at least a guest count.  Also let them know of any important seating arrangements, such as couples being seated together, or that the company CEO requires seating at the head of the room.

Some banquet halls will have a pre-made menu you can choose from for your event, large or small.  Others will figure your food needs off of the time of day, or length of your meeting or event.  If you have special requests or requirements for the menu, let them know right away.  Be sure to check if any allergies or dietary restrictions will be catered to for your event, so that you can pass along this information to the banquet hall as well.

Other needs you will want to communicate to the event center can include dancing or other after-meal activities, any decorations or signs you wish to provide yourself, and required audio and visual equipment.  

Share Your Great Results

Once your event has been a great success, don't forget to share the wealth!  Event centers thrive on good word of mouth.  So brag about your good experience to others, and return for more events if possible. 

Contact local centers, like Lucarelli's Banquet Center, to find one that will fit your needs.