Look To The Sea: 4 Ways To Eat Healthy At A Seafood Restaurant

Posted on: 29 May 2015

It can be difficult to eat out when you're trying to watch your diet. You might have been avoiding restaurants because you're worried about the calories. When it comes to your diet, you should know that not all restaurants are created equal. You might be surprised to know that seafood restaurants have a wide variety of healthy foods on their menus. Here are just a few ways to eat out and stay healthy.

Start With a Salad

If you're worried about over-eating, start your meal with a fresh salad. The great thing about ordering a salad at a seafood restaurant is that you don't have to settle for an ordinary salad. Change things up by adding a bit of mango or fresh crab meat to your salad. You'll eat less of your main course and the roughage will help you digest your food better.

Indulge in raw fish

Before you say no to appetizers, consider choosing from the raw fish menu. There are a lot of healthy choices to be found when it comes to raw seafood. For instance, raw oysters, clams and shrimp are high in protein and omega – 3 fatty acids. They're also low in calories, which make them the perfect appetizers. For added benefit, skip the cocktail sauce and reach for the lemon juice instead.

Go Grilled

When it's time to order the main course, remember to go grilled. Grilling seals in the tasty juices and doesn't require any oils during cooking. The best seafood to choose for grilling include salmon, tuna and mackerel. They contain high levels of protein and omega – 3 fatty acids. These fish are also extremely lean, which means you'll avoid unhealthy fats while still enjoying a tasty meal.

Stick with Fresh Sushi

You don't have to avoid sushi just because you're watching your weight. All you have to do is avoid batter-fried tempura rolls. Fresh rolls such as California or cucumber rolls will allow you to enjoy sushi without packing on the added calories. Sashimi is another excellent way to enjoy fresh seafood when you're trying to eat healthier.

You don't have to avoid restaurants just because you're on a diet or trying to eat better. Go ahead and enjoy a night out on the town by choosing a place that serves seafood (such as The Turtle Club). This list will help you make the healthiest choices the next time you go out for dinner.