Enjoy Hot Food without Delays or Frustration—Tips for Guaranteeing a Successful Pizza Delivery

Posted on: 5 August 2015

Pizza delivery has become a time honored American tradition that allows people who don't feel like throwing together a meal to still enjoy a satisfying dish. The delivery process can provide extreme convenience, but can also be a source of frustration if you don't take the necessary steps to allow it to go smoothly.

Below, you'll find a guide to some things you can do to help guarantee that your next pizza delivery is a success. While it may seem like having food delivered to you is a process that doesn't require any thought or attention, it's precisely that attitude that leads to mix ups, delays, and a lack of satisfaction that can be easily turned around.

Commit to Good Lighting

Perhaps the most common cause of delays in pizza delivery is an inability to find the delivery location. While modern GPS guidance systems can pinpoint a destination for a driver, there's still some trepidation involved in approaching an unfamiliar house when you aren't absolutely positive that it's the right one.

Many people order pizza in the evening, and after the sun has set, identifying your house number or even the location of your front door may be a challenge. Flipping on all of the available exterior light will eliminate those problems and will help guarantee that your driver finds your home as quickly as possible.

Make Reasonable Special Requests

It's certainly understandable to want a delivered pizza to meet your exact specifications, and many pizza delivery restaurants now offer online ordering which helps guarantee that precision. However, when your requests begin to strain the bounds of reasonability, it becomes accordingly less likely that you'll be satisfied with the service.

Make sure that your order stays within the bounds of the menu and doesn't require your delivery driver to perform any unreasonable tasks. Requesting additional stops at other stores, for example, is an unfair burden to place on an employee who's merely trying to complete as many deliveries efficiently as possible.

Schedule Ahead

While some pizza purchases are spur of the moment decisions, others are anticipated well ahead of time. Rather than allowing yourself to fall victim to the whimsy of time and the potential of a rush on orders, consider placing your order early and scheduling it for a later delivery. This will allow your delivery service to anticipate your needs and put you into their work flow more organically, guaranteeing a fresher and more carefully prepared product.

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