Try These Savory Puddings Next Time You'Re At An English Style Pub

Posted on: 14 January 2016

If your experience with pudding is limited to banana or chocolate pudding, then you are in for a treat. There are some delicious, savory puddings to experience. England, Scotland, and Ireland are particularly famous for their savory puddings. These savory puddings are meant to be eaten as an entrée, not as a dessert. They are not made with sugar, chocolate, or fruits. Instead, they tend to be made with meat, although one famous pudding on the list is suitable for a vegetarian.

Yorkshire Pudding (Vegetarian Friendly)

This pudding most resembles a popover, or fluffy roll. It is a classic accompaniment to the Sunday dinner in England. A Yorkshire pudding is made of a simple batter of four ingredients: milk, butter, eggs and milk. The batter is whipped to incorporate air into the batter. This is what helps it rise when in the over. It does not need any leavening agent such as baking powder or yeast. The Yorkshire pudding is often served with a rich meat gravy, but one could serve it with a vegetarian friendly gravy if inclined.

Black Pudding

This is a type of sausage that is made with pig blood, oats, beef fat, and spices. The sausage is a dark black color, hence the name. It is part of the classic English full breakfast. It is sliced into discs and fried until it turns an even darker black. It is then served with beans, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and toast. A full breakfast will also sometimes include white pudding, which is similar to black pudding except the blood is left out of the recipe.


You might have heard about haggis because it does have an infamous reputation. It is a pudding that originated in Scotland. It is made from the lungs, liver and heart of sheep. These organs are blended with onions, fat, salt and oats. Now, while that sounds like a odd mixture of ingredients, it does have a fanatical following among many people. It is served as part of the annual celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns's birthday. It is also served all over Scotland in fish and chip shops. While the classic Haggis is made from sheep, many modern versions are made from pork. However, modern haggis is popular, and this is made with sheep or cow. It is so popular that there are Kosher variations, as well. You will usually find haggis served with "neeps and tatties," which are mashed turnips and potatoes.

For more information, contact a restaurant in your area that serves these types of puddings.