Dying For Pie: How To Make Your Delivery Pizza Order Healthier

Posted on: 29 November 2016

There are nights where you're okay with (or even excited about) spending hours over the stove to make dinner – but there are some nights where you're tired and achy and you find yourself logging on to your favorite pizza place's website and hitting the 'delivery' button. But if you're trying to watch what you eat, how can you ensure that your pizza splurge doesn't end up costing you a few extra pounds on the scale tomorrow morning, or that the grease doesn't cause a breakout on your face? If you're looking for tips to make your delivery pizza a bit better for you (with basically no extra effort), then here's what you need to know.

Chuck the Grease

One of the bigger problems with pizza is the amount of grease that seems to invariably come with it – so this is the best place to start when making your pie a bit healthier. Before the slice goes in your mouth, dab off the top with a paper towel; you don't need to scrub at it or anything, this is just to get the layer of oil that's settled on top of the cheese off before you put it in your body. This fix makes for a pie that's both better for you and less of a risk for getting that oil on your shirt or pants mid-bite.

Skip (or Switch) the Sides

Let's face it – while the sides of bread sticks, chicken wings, cookies, brownies, and other tempting treats may sound really good when you're ordering, you'll probably be too full to really enjoy them. So it's a better plan for both your waistline and your wallet if you just skip the sides and eat the pizza that you're going to eat anyway. If you find yourself really wanting a palate cleanser in between slices, opt for a healthier side like a salad or some celery sticks; you'll get a small break from the cheese and tomato taste without tempting yourself with empty carbs and calories.

Choose the Ingredients

Sure, it can seem a lot easier to just go with a pie where the ingredients are pre-chosen for you – but most pizza places nowadays offer a create-your-own option, and you should go for it. When you can choose your own toppings, you're more likely to just stick with the stuff you know you like and not include toppings that you won't enjoy eating (but you'll still end up consuming because they're on the pizza). Picking and choosing helps you cut down on calories from ingredients you don't like – and it can also leave you freer to include an extra veggie or two to make your pizza just a bit better for you.

Keep these in mind the next time you visit an authentic Italian food restaurant like Villa Romana Italian Restaurant. You'll still be able to eat delicious pizza, but your body will thank you for a healthier experience.