Benefits Of Having A Fry Dump Station

Posted on: 25 March 2022

If you're buying stainless steel equipment to set up in the kitchen of your new restaurant, you might have a commercial deep fryer on your shopping list. If so, another piece of useful equipment that you'll want to buy is a fry dump station. This is a device that you customarily place next to the deep fryer. As its name suggests, you dump fries into this device after lifting them out of the deep fryer. When it's time to serve your guests, you grab fries directly from the fry dump station. Here are three benefits of having this piece of equipment in your commercial kitchen.

Ability To Keep Warm 

A fry dump station is equipped with one or more heat lamps above it, which will ensure that any fries you store in this space will remain warm until you're ready to serve them. If you were to take an order of fries out of the deep fryer and place them on a patron's plate before their other food is ready, the fries would likely be cold by the time the patron gets them. When you use a fry dump station, you can be confident that the fries you place on each person's plate will be hot — even if they came out of the fryer several minutes earlier.

Less Congestion Around The Fryer

Without a fry dump station, there can be congestion around the deep fryer. One kitchen staff member may be placing frozen fries in the basket to cook them, while another one or two may be attempting to pull out cooked fries to place them on a plate. The more people who gather around a hot deep fryer, the more risk there is of someone inadvertently bumping into someone else and causing grease to splash — likely resulting in a burn injury. When you have a fry dump station, your kitchen staff members who are scooping up fries to place on plates will be far enough from the deep fryer to limit the risk of an injury.

Ability To Season Properly

Having a fry dump station provides you with the best spot to season your fries. Kitchen staff commonly sprinkle salt and, occasionally, other seasonings on the fries as they sit in this location. Your staff can then toss the fries to ensure that the seasonings distribute evenly. Without a fry dump station, seasoning could be difficult. For example, seasoning the fries on a guest's plate wouldn't allow your staff to toss the fries to distribute the seasonings evenly. Learn more about fry dump stations at a restaurant equipment supply store.

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