Try These Sides At A Soul Food Restaurant

Posted on: 2 December 2022

One of the most enjoyable things about traveling to different parts of the country is getting to experience the local cuisine. In many states and cities, you'll find a vibrant soul food community. Dining at one of these restaurants can be a unique experience if you haven't previously eaten soul food. Fried chicken is a popular main course at many soul food restaurants, as is fried fish, although you'll also find a variety of other meats on the menu depending on the region that you're visiting. When it comes to picking some side dishes for your meal, here are some popular options.

Corn Bread 

You'll see corn bread as a side dish at many soul food restaurants, and many of these eateries take pride in making their corn bread daily in-house. Corn bread is a sweet type of loaf that often tastes somewhere between bread and cake, depending on the restaurant. Some establishments give you a few slices of corn bread, while others serve intact mini loaves as side dishes. Plain corn bread is common, but you can also expect to see different variations of it. Corn bread that includes jalapeno peppers, for example, offers spicy flavor notes that complement the sweetness of the bread.

Macaroni And Cheese

If you want a hearty side dish to satisfy a big appetite, macaroni and cheese is something that you may wish to order. While a lot of people think of this rich dish as a main course, it's also nice to enjoy a smaller serving of it as a side. The creaminess contrasts with the crispness of the fried chicken that you might order as the main course. Many soul food restaurants bake their macaroni and cheese after sprinkling cheese and bread crumbs on top, which can add both gooey and crunchy textures.

Collard Greens

Collard greens are another popular side dish at lots of soul food restaurants. Some patrons enjoy them because they provide a nutritious vegetable source, unlike some other side dishes. Different establishments prepare their collard greens in various ways, but sauteing them is common. Some collard greens, which have a flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of kale, are cooked and served plain while others include ingredients such as garlic, onions, and/or red pepper flakes—each of which can add new flavors to every bite.

Keep these popular side dishes in mind during your next soul food restaurant dining experience. Contact a local restaurant, such as zprime, to learn more about different side dishes.