Finish Your Evening With This Pecan Praline Dessert Pizza

Posted on: 9 June 2015

What's the perfect dessert to serve at the end of your pizza party? Another pizza! This pecan indulgent pizza features a delicious cinnamon bun crust, cream cheese sauce and a decadent pecan praline topping. Make sure you save plenty of room for dessert – you're going to want seconds. Making the Crust Plan ahead when you want to make this dessert pizza, since the dough needs to rise for 2 hours. [Read More]

Look To The Sea: 4 Ways To Eat Healthy At A Seafood Restaurant

Posted on: 29 May 2015

It can be difficult to eat out when you're trying to watch your diet. You might have been avoiding restaurants because you're worried about the calories. When it comes to your diet, you should know that not all restaurants are created equal. You might be surprised to know that seafood restaurants have a wide variety of healthy foods on their menus. Here are just a few ways to eat out and stay healthy. [Read More]

How To Reduce Your Business Event Planning Stress

Posted on: 28 May 2015

Stress can be high when planning a large company event or fundraiser.  Details to consider include food, seating, presentation arrangements, and many more.  Couple this with the importance of getting everything just right for your company, and you could be easily overwhelmed.  Consider the following pointers to help delegate responsibilities while still getting the details just right. Find the Right Venue For large company meetings or events, a banquet hall or event center is an ideal way to go. [Read More]

Sampling The Array Of Mexican Restaurants

Posted on: 25 May 2015

So many restaurants out there tout their "Mexican Food Authenticity", but how do you know when you're getting the real thing and when you're not? When it comes to the perfectly spicy salsa or the melt-in-your-mouth molé, a second rate restaurant just doesn't cut it. So where, in the spectrum of authentic Mexican restaurants, can you find the real thing? Here's a quick sampling of the food, flavors, and features you might find at each type of restaurant. [Read More]